welcome to my personal site! i’m hush (he/him), a retrocomputing enthusiast. this site is mostly a repository for retrocomputing stuff- above are some quick links to systems and memorabilia i’ve acquired, which are the main points of interest.

in addition to those things i also have a blog where i occasionally write (read: braindump and then haphazardly edit) about retrocomputing topics, with possible diversions into other things i’m interested in. my main project right now is resurrecting a microPDP-11/83, so i’ll be covering that from time to time.

the top navbar can only hold so many links, so here are a few more that may be of interest:

about hush

i am a tech guy currently working in customer success at a cybersecurity vendor. i have worked in a few different roles, from technical support to security engineering. most of my time has been spent in operations, mainly managing linux, BSD, and VMware deployments.

my interest in DEC and retrocomputing in general started when i was in middle school and first starting to learn about linux. fascinated by the VAX in particular, but to a slightly lesser extent the PDP, i began a deep dive down the rabbit hole, learning every little factoid i could. my first retrocomputing hardware purchase (KOHAKU, a microVAX 3100/40) came quite a bit later, only a few years ago when i suddenly remembered my early fascination with DEC and dove down the rabbithole again, albeit this time with spending money. :>

i have a particularly strong affinity for DEC due to their innovations in the early computing space but also their relationship with the birth of Unix and the geniuses at Bell Labs- the earliest versions of Unix were written and booted on PDPs! my fascination with retrocomputing hardly ends there, though- i am interested in humble 386/486 machines running Windows 95 (by far and away the most nostalgic for me!) to the massive CDC mainframes running NOS and SCOPE, and everything in between. math has never been my strong suit, though, so can’t go too archaic…

if you are interested in chatting with me, i can be found a few places:

feel free to reach out, i’m always happy to chat!


privacy notice

i don’t use any trackers or collect any visitor data on this site, i’m not particularly interested in any of that. :> your IP address will be logged in nginx access logs, but i never look at those unless i’m having a problem anyway.